Saturday, June 30, 2012

The World of Generousity

Doesnt it feel good when someone says "thank you"? When its sincere its even better. Yes, its true from time to time people can say thank you and not really mean it. They are saying it carlessly, because they never really thought about acknowledging the act of kindness that was bestowed upon them.

As children we were taught that when receiving something we should always open our mouths and say thank you, not doing so is rude and uncalled for. It can also be summed up as disrespectful believe it or not. No matter the instance or occassion, always be polite and say thank you. It goes a long way and shows your appreciation.

It's ironic that I write about this blog post today, as I am at my parents house and took their mail out of the mail box and saw that my cousin (their nephew) Dante sent them a thank you card from Tennessee. He graduated high school last month May and they mailed him a gift as they werent able to attend the ceremony. Here is the thank you card that he sent:

It's short-which makes it easy to read; acknowledges the specific gift-which eludes to his gratefulness; and was hand written-which makes it personable. This thank you card is perfect. Many times people will write a generic message: Thanks for the gift it was appreciated. When someone reads that, they think to themseleves do they even remember what it was that I purchased for them or is this a general message that is plugged into everyones cards, LOL! Funny but true.

Being consice is great but also be specific is what counts. Never ever have any sort of function and not acknowledge in writing those that came and gifted you. A thank you card shows your gratitude, acceptance, and respect. Make sure to acknowledge those that acknowledged you, after all they didnt have to.

Remember that should you purchase invitations from a designer or company they 9 chances out of 10 have thank you cards that match the invitation, go ahead and spend the extra few dollars to get them. You will be happy that you did. And yes proper etiquette is that even if they showed up without gift in hand a thank you card should still be sent anyway.

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