Saturday, May 26, 2012

Let's Play Dress Up!

Styling  Appropriately Yet Chic For An Event

                    Ladies look at the pictures above. Think to yourself, is there something about these five dresses that are insanely chic, yet APPROPRIATE to be worn at the most intriguing affairs? Now please keep in mind I am not talking a typical back yard bar-b-que, or even a friends birthday celebration at the club (but wait I'll touch on that). I'm talking about to a wedding, bridal shower, upscale baby shower, graduation, company dinner, church banquet, awards ceremony, etc. 

                    All of these looks are timeless creations that will forever stand the test of time. They amongst many others in its category look good on a hanger without having to even touch a body. Now while every one's body is not meant for certain types of clothing, classic creations can still be part of your wardrobe. I am not by far speaking against trendy clothing. While I find them to be cute, vibrant and affordable I also know that a few years from now we wont be caught dead in it. 

                    Its important that we remember when attending functions that we are aware of what the proper dress code is. Now for men they don't need to much reinforcement. While at times a friendly nudge about a baseball cap needing to be removed from their head, a shirt, belt and tie taking the place of a t-shirt (designer or a plain white tee), sneakers needing to be left for a more casual affair, and lastly properly fitted slacks over the super tight jeans or over sized dress pants are pretty much a no brainer. Well it should be, but in case it isn't then review the entire third sentence again. 

                    Ladies its more then important, almost like its over kill that we remember before putting on any clothing that we choose the correct undergarments. Yes bra and panties matter. In case someone told you different........think again. If your dress has unique straps, or none at all then clearly a strapless bra is your only option. Many designers specialize in making certain that even those bras give the right amount of support when not attached to a strap. I see London, I see France, I see [insert your name] under pants. That's right, the rest of the world cares not to see your panties. That means keep your legs closed and crossed at all times. Learn how to get in and out of the car with a short dress or skirt on. When you stand and people are behind you looking at your rear, showing of panties lines showing is not the biz. Stockings are included too, please note that to formal functions you are supposed to have them on. In case you didn't know, smooth control is available for ladies of all sizes and shapes.

                    **In my best info-merical voice** Do you find yourself constantly tugging on your clothes, trying to pull them down? What about your pants or jeans do you need to unbutton them when you have a seat for a long period of time? If so there is help for you its called: Move the next size up, because obviously what you have on is too small and ill fitted.

                      Why must we go through this ladies, everything is not meant for every body type. Designers are so fashion friendly now that fabulous clothing is found in every size. So the dress, that you may have to suck it in to fit in, just move up to the next size or two, or three. Only you will know that the size says a 14 versus a 4, I mean come on! Certain dresses are meant for certain places. When in doubt....think it out.

                       Classic designs are timeless they never get old on the rack, in pictures or on the body. Thats why designers continue to use the same patterns. When attending a function where you know that dress code is important, I simply suggest to go with classic elegance. Wear the right undergarments, get the dress in the right size, wear a comfortable yet stunning shoe and you've got yourself a great look. It may seem hard, but you'll thank yourself for it later when you look back at the pictures, or don't have to make several trips to the bathroom to adjust your wear. Oh and asking friends do you need adjusting counts too. I know we all want "owws and ahhs" and not "ohh and no". Don't we?

Celebrating with you,


*pictures above are not that of my own*

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Timeless Hair

 Natural Hair Style

 Simple Hair Style

  Traditional Hair Style

              Continuing with our theme this month which is all about Jewelry, Hair, Fashion and Make-up; we are going to explore our next subject of HAIR! Trying to find the perfect hair style for your upcoming event can be difficult. I will admit with so much creativity that cosmetologist have nowadays its amazing. I often like to grab my phone and go through pictures on my Instagram app to see what unique ideas they have come up with to make hair more head turning the ever.

              The fish tail braid is super popular now. I must admit that it took me a while to learn how to do it myself but once I got the hang of it looked pretty good. There are so many different things that you can do it with from the most simple to the most extreme, all of which look beautiful.

              3 key hair styles above are not only picture perfect but simple perfect as well. Lets touch quickly on each:

              1. Natural Hair Style: Natural haircare is very popular in the African American culture. For many reasons women choose to go that way rather then have their hair treated by chemicals. While some may believe that it doesn't afford them many hair styling choices that really isn't the case. I would suggest that if one is interested in going natural to do the proper research and to also ask other women who are or were once natural to get their pro's and con's on it. If you hair is currently natural and you are just at a lost for what you can do the picture above says it all. Staying simple, keeping it conditioned properly and adding the right touch of a hair accessory can pull off a well put together look.

              2. Simple Hair Style: Simple hair styles are the ones where not a lot of fuss is involved. A shampoo and conditioning, drying and a curling iron can turn your hair into a masterpiece in less then 2 hours depending on the length of your hair. Even if you choose to get extensions put in (which most celebrities do), they can still curled and styled nicely. Loose curls, tight curls, or waves make for an alluring look. The last touch you need is a finishing spray such as oil sheen, or hair mist to give it shine and stability and you're ready to go!

              3. Traditional Hair Style: Traditional hair styles is my absolute favorite. Let me tell you why. One word.....classic. Traditional hair styles such as a bun more a more dressed up version called a ballerina bun. Pony tails positioned perfectly with the right length or right type of curl is also a classic hair style. Think Kim Kardashian's many pony tails. These choices will never go out of style, our children's children's will still be wearing them in the years to come.

All in all wouldn't it be great if we could look back at our pictures years later and not say: "Oh my gosh look at my hairstyle". LOL, I think that sentence can be avoided, don't you? Pictures are worth a thousands words and so can a hair style!  

Celebrating with you,


*picture above is not that of my own*

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Beautiful, Gorgeous and Stunning

      Both men and women adore jewelry. To this day I have not ran across one man or women that doesn't. Whether it be a simple watch, to an outrageous pair of earrings all the way down to the jaw dropping ring, everyone that I have encountered indeed likes jewelry. While some have more of a companionship with it, others just like to have it to look nice or to make their outfit look nice. No matter the case we can all agree that jewelry can and will always be a statement piece.

 I have the privilege of being great long time friends with a young woman who sells jewelry. While her pieces aren't anything that one would find in a Shaw's or even Cartier, its fashion jewelry for the everyday, budget, fashion forward woman at its best. I have been grateful for the business interaction aside from our middle school aged friendship that we share, because she really has a sense of what women want to be seen in. She does beautiful custom pieces, as well as already designed pieces. Her mission is to simply make women feel more beautiful with the jewelry that they select to wear during their everyday travels.

That spins me right into the everyday jewelry that we can and will put on. A few key points to keep in mind.

Watches- Watches, oh watches. I think that more men love watches then women and that would be fair considering that more women love rings then men....right?! While I believe that any brand or style watch is doable based on ones financial means its important that it stays looking nice. Should the wrist band begin to get loose or the thread should begin to come out, a reputable jewelry store will take care of that for you. If you purchased the watch say for instance from Burberry a warranty will suffice to have it repaired. If the battery is dead, please go and get a new one. They are very inexpensive and it makes more fashionable sense to be able to tell time with the watch rather then just having it on and not working because its name brand.....catch my drift? If the glass is scratched on the front that too can be replaced. Just a few things to think about.

Rings- Rings, oh rings. Women love this piece of jewelry more then any other piece, they will ever wear. Men while the size of the ring SHOULDN'T matter, for some women it sometimes DOES matter. Please buy what is within your financial means. Do not go broke over a ring that you cant factor the monthly payments into your monthly household budget once married. How crazy would it be if the monthly payment for the ring was more than your car payment, LOL! Something to think about. This indeed is the one piece that you want to buy from a reputable jewelry store. I am not against the random jewelry store owners in the malls however there is a sense of security that a man should have when walking out with a bag in hands. Warranty, warranty, warranty. Its a must and its priceless. No matter how much extra it is, you need to get it. Ladies keep your rings cleaned, it should be for free no matter where you go. If someone charges you to clean it turn around and leave. Should you need to get it re sized the warranty should cover that too! So again men get the warranty!

Earrings, Necklaces, Tennis/Charm Bracelets, and Cuff Links- Lions, Tigers, Bears, Oh My! These different 4 pieces of jewelry play a special significance when worn. I know that fashion trends have made it able for women to wear two earrings that don't match. While I am not a fan of that, I know that for some special occasions that may be the perfect way to spice up your outfit. In any other case both earrings should match. If the color begins to fade (on costume jewelry) then go and purchase some more. Necklaces don't really require to much, except for the fact that should the chain break you go and get that fixed, tieing a knot in it to keep it on is unacceptable. Yes I have seen that. Tennis and Charm Bracelets are so beautiful. Though I don't own one, one day I will. Make sure all the charms are there and haven't fallen off. Should they fall off get them replaced or repaired. Your Tennis Bracelet should always remain clean anything else is unacceptable. Briefly gentlemen the same goes for your cuff links.

All in all keep your jewelry stored properly, even your costum jewelry. If you want to get the most wear out of it, then you should take care of it. Again don't forget the warranty, if they offer one take it! Never share sentimental jewelry. If the jewelry has been passed down for a few generations make certain that should you still possess it in your older ages that you incorporate in your Last Will and Testament of who should receive it next. Nothing is worse then a family fighting over family jewels. Need expert assistance, then seek an expert at reputable jewelry store. Enjoy calling your jewelry Beautiful, Gorgeous and Stunning!

Celebrating with you,


*picture above is not that of my own*