Saturday, September 29, 2012

Decor From The Celings To The Floor!


Greetings to all of our S.E.P by Jeanna readers,

We hope that you all enjoyed your summer. We thank you so much for your paitence,: we here at Splendid Events Project by Jeanna took a break from mid July to the end of September just so that we could wrap up summer weddings, and enjoy the remainder of our summer on Saturday evenings before coming back with some really cool reads! Though we were still working hard on all things celebrations, we want our readers to know that it is our love that we can share some amazing stories, amazing ideas and amazing suggestions. Are you ready for some good reads? Glad to know that you are, so lets get started!

 Decorations can be a fun yet challenging thing. Depending on if you have a vision for what you are trying to create it could make things a bit easier but over all what will make things a lot easier is if you have a budget set in place to make sure that you can afford all of the items that you will need to pull together to make it happen. Here at Splendid  Events Project by Jeanna we are very over the top about having a budget. We will not begin working until we know that there is one set in place. It assists us in mapping everything out. Our clients Budget is our Blueprint. Once we got that covered, then the fun stuff can begin. Theme-check, date of event-check, venue-check (not always do you have to have a venue in place to begin looking at decor but it helps because you have a layout of how the space is set up),  time of day the event will be starting-check, guest list-check (even if its an estimate to kick things off that will suffice for the time being). I think we've got everything we need to move forward for the decor, do you agree? If not leave us a comment and tell us what else we need to be able to proceed to move forward, we welcome healthy conversation!

Working with a company that specializes in Decor for a more larger scale event such as a wedding, company picnic, convention, class reunion, retirement party, or Sweet 16 Bash, etc. would be one of the better selections to make. If it is a more smaller scale type of an event where it may be done at someones house or done in the office it still can look very chic, though it may be done by a team of helpers. Below is a list of key elements to keep in mind when purchasing decorations.

Key Elements For Decor
1. The color scheme should be the same throughout the entire event. I had the priviliage of going to a large event over the summer in which the color scheme was evident throughout the entire venue.
2. If there is a theme, that should also be consistant. So say for instance your theme is lady bugs, well lady bugs are red, and black, so that should be your color scheme and maybe a dash of white just to brighten it up a bit or yellow. You may want to set the table up as if its a garden so have some flowers, and articifial grass, but by no means should there be photos of or decor with dogs, cats, a sun etc. Though all of those things can be found outside just like the lady bug its not consistant with that theme therefore it shouldnt be there.
3. Uplights are such a huge hit at events. Those two should fall into the color scheme. Uplights are better perfected when they are in a dim or dark area. Your designer and coordinator should make certain that if the event is held outside that they check when the sun will be setting. There is an app for that (review my last blog about the Iphone 4s). The sun is a huge factor into giving off the effect of the lights outside. If inside you can simply dim the overhead lights or turn them off.
4. Balloons are traditional. They will always add a certain excitement to events for both children and adults. If the event is for a child, be sure to keep balloons out of their reach and off of the floor for the saftey of the kids and because we dont want anyone to choke. Many companies do balloon archs, I think its super creative, the more difficult arch, you should get them to do but maybe for a more simple one if your budget doesnt allow them to service you, Google it and D.I.Y your own balloon arch.
5. Decorations when hung should have the proper workings. Its imperative that you have thumbtacks, or doublesided tape. I would advise against using a stapler or tape that will show. You want to give decorations a clean look. That too includes table clothes if outside use the proper tool to keep the cloth in place, NOT tape. The tape wont hold long enough and doesnt provide a good look.
6. Plates, cups, and cutlery should all match. Candles are great if they are displayed on a candle holder and are not around children. Centerpeices are a MUST. They too should carefully be selected to conincide with the theme and color shceme. They however should not obstroct the vision of those sitting at the table.
Overall Decor is important, it follows behind a beautiful invitation. The invite as mentioned before gives your guest a clue as to how your event will be. The decor of the event sets the tone once the guest have arrived. It makes for beautiful pictures and a beautiful ambiance. It gives your guest something to rave about to those that werent there and also amongst themselves as they attend the event.
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