Saturday, June 30, 2012

The World of Generousity

Doesnt it feel good when someone says "thank you"? When its sincere its even better. Yes, its true from time to time people can say thank you and not really mean it. They are saying it carlessly, because they never really thought about acknowledging the act of kindness that was bestowed upon them.

As children we were taught that when receiving something we should always open our mouths and say thank you, not doing so is rude and uncalled for. It can also be summed up as disrespectful believe it or not. No matter the instance or occassion, always be polite and say thank you. It goes a long way and shows your appreciation.

It's ironic that I write about this blog post today, as I am at my parents house and took their mail out of the mail box and saw that my cousin (their nephew) Dante sent them a thank you card from Tennessee. He graduated high school last month May and they mailed him a gift as they werent able to attend the ceremony. Here is the thank you card that he sent:

It's short-which makes it easy to read; acknowledges the specific gift-which eludes to his gratefulness; and was hand written-which makes it personable. This thank you card is perfect. Many times people will write a generic message: Thanks for the gift it was appreciated. When someone reads that, they think to themseleves do they even remember what it was that I purchased for them or is this a general message that is plugged into everyones cards, LOL! Funny but true.

Being consice is great but also be specific is what counts. Never ever have any sort of function and not acknowledge in writing those that came and gifted you. A thank you card shows your gratitude, acceptance, and respect. Make sure to acknowledge those that acknowledged you, after all they didnt have to.

Remember that should you purchase invitations from a designer or company they 9 chances out of 10 have thank you cards that match the invitation, go ahead and spend the extra few dollars to get them. You will be happy that you did. And yes proper etiquette is that even if they showed up without gift in hand a thank you card should still be sent anyway.

Celebrating with you,


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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day Celebration!!

My dad and I on Fathers Day 2012!

Today June 17, 2012 is the day that Fathers Day is celebrated in the United States! Its a day that fathers get to extra special treatment for all the hard work that they do taking care of their kids. From spending time with them to, attending extra curricular activities, to backing them in their education, to supporting them with all they do positively, and most importantly praying for them.

I've had the privilege a few times of over hearing my father pray for me in the morning with my mom and sometimes I would sit on the phone while at my desk at work and he would pray for me. I couldn't ask for a better father to come alongside me in my adult years. As my Facebook status this morning: A father realizes the importance of memories for tomorrow, so actively plays a part in his child's life today.

I am all things celebratory events, and today is no different as I celebrate my dad! Please enjoy your day with your dads and celebrate them the best way that you know how but yet honors them. Happy Fathers Day gentlemen!

Celebrating with you,


Splendid Events Project by Jeanna

**Picture above is the property of Splendid Events Project by Jeanna**

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stylish Footware for Fall and Winter Weddings.......

UGG® Women's I Do Collection
Add some sparkle to your day. Say "I Do" with cozy UGG® wedding shoes.
UGG® Women's I Do Collection
In about 5 to 6 months the weather will be much different then how it is now. The 80 and 90 degree weather will be a thing of the past as we embark on 30 and 40 degree temperatures. Just as there is much creativity that can be done in the summer and spring months the same can be done in the fall and winter months too.

As much of a shop-a-holic as I am, I came across these luxurious Luxurious Wedding Ugg Boots. While I am all about a tradition, I think these are perfect for candid pictures, weddings that may take place outside in the winter or fall, shoes that you may want your bridesmaids to wear to give a chic twist, or once you get the reception you can change and put on a more comfortable shoe.

Even if you aren't getting married in the colder months of the year, but your honeymoon will be in a colder climate these would still be perfect. Check out those slippers, you can get much wear out of those months after your nuptials have taken place. This line is perfect for the fashionably chic gal. I absolutely love how Uggs have taken such a monumental time in a women's life and allows her to do it with much style.

As always remember to get the spray for your boots so that they stay in tip top shape for long!

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lions, Tigers, Children Oh My!


                    Imagine that you go to open your mailbox or you receive an Evite and find that you've been invited to an event in the coming weeks. You instantly get excited and determine that you are going to this event. You have a child or children and dont know what you should do. Before you get your outfit all situated for the party, here are a few things to consider:

                   1. Re-read the invitation does it specify if children are allowed to come or not? If it does specify that this is an "adult only function", then that needs to be respected. You need to find alternate arrangments for your children or you would need to reply to the invite with a regret.

                   2. If the invitation does not specify if children are welcomed or not, the best thing to do would be to call the hostess and ask if children are invited. If they advise yes then get their outfit situated too, if not then make alternate arrangments for your children or you would need to reply to the invite with a regret.

                   3. When repeatdley invited to functions you may begin to pick up what certain events are child friendly and what events are not. Even if the hostess has children of their own you still need to be cautious of the party at hand.

                   4. Just leave your child(ren) home. If its not a childs birthday party, family reunion, company picnic, or church function amongst other events of that sort then really its not appropriate that they come. Baby Showers (unless they are the sibling), weddings (unless they are taking part in the wedding), housewarmings (unless they live there), engagement  parties, adult birthday parties, etc. are places that they just should not be.

                   Not trying to step on anyones toes, but children should be exempt from being around:

A. adult only conversation= they shouldnt hear certain things, or try to be in certain conversations.
B. adult music (with sexual content and explcit language)= even though they may hear the edited version on the radio, the D.J. will not be playing that version, trust!
C. adult liabations (alcohol)= adults may want the option to drink as much as they can stand. When your senses are a bit off, you may not even be able to remember to grab your kids, LOL! But more so seriously its not safe to drive with them while intoxicated, let alone you.
D. adult only food= yes believe it or not adult food consist of things that you dont want your kids asking can they have more of, help eating (think of crabs), or wasting.
E. adult attire= that consists of certain clothing that women wear that may be a bit revealing. Your children shouldnt have to look at that.

                     Do you really want to tell your child or have someone else tell your child to sit down (constantly), get off of that, dont get anymore, etc. Is it fair to the guests to have to hear a crying or complaining child all day? When you have to go through all of that.............just stay home.

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