Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lions, Tigers, Children Oh My!


                    Imagine that you go to open your mailbox or you receive an Evite and find that you've been invited to an event in the coming weeks. You instantly get excited and determine that you are going to this event. You have a child or children and dont know what you should do. Before you get your outfit all situated for the party, here are a few things to consider:

                   1. Re-read the invitation does it specify if children are allowed to come or not? If it does specify that this is an "adult only function", then that needs to be respected. You need to find alternate arrangments for your children or you would need to reply to the invite with a regret.

                   2. If the invitation does not specify if children are welcomed or not, the best thing to do would be to call the hostess and ask if children are invited. If they advise yes then get their outfit situated too, if not then make alternate arrangments for your children or you would need to reply to the invite with a regret.

                   3. When repeatdley invited to functions you may begin to pick up what certain events are child friendly and what events are not. Even if the hostess has children of their own you still need to be cautious of the party at hand.

                   4. Just leave your child(ren) home. If its not a childs birthday party, family reunion, company picnic, or church function amongst other events of that sort then really its not appropriate that they come. Baby Showers (unless they are the sibling), weddings (unless they are taking part in the wedding), housewarmings (unless they live there), engagement  parties, adult birthday parties, etc. are places that they just should not be.

                   Not trying to step on anyones toes, but children should be exempt from being around:

A. adult only conversation= they shouldnt hear certain things, or try to be in certain conversations.
B. adult music (with sexual content and explcit language)= even though they may hear the edited version on the radio, the D.J. will not be playing that version, trust!
C. adult liabations (alcohol)= adults may want the option to drink as much as they can stand. When your senses are a bit off, you may not even be able to remember to grab your kids, LOL! But more so seriously its not safe to drive with them while intoxicated, let alone you.
D. adult only food= yes believe it or not adult food consist of things that you dont want your kids asking can they have more of, help eating (think of crabs), or wasting.
E. adult attire= that consists of certain clothing that women wear that may be a bit revealing. Your children shouldnt have to look at that.

                     Do you really want to tell your child or have someone else tell your child to sit down (constantly), get off of that, dont get anymore, etc. Is it fair to the guests to have to hear a crying or complaining child all day? When you have to go through all of that.............just stay home.

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