Sunday, July 15, 2012

"I Do", for my Iphone (4s)

I have been in love with my Iphone 4s since I first got it back in March of this year. I know that other cell phone users besides myself can speak highly for their gadget as well; but I like to think of my phone as being more then just, well you know my phone. We have a special bound. Funny, but true and I will not believe for one moment that others don't have the same bound. We literally take our phones with us every where we go and not only that but a lot of times the charger too, LOL! My phone is my personal assistant because honestly for the mean time I don't have one, LOL!

Being in the event planning business, this phone allows me to stay up to date and connected with a world that I cannot reach in the physical sense. I wish that I could hop a private a jet to fly to LA or even Dallas; but that isn't going to happen. With a wealth of Apps out there it makes it possible for me to still be able to reach those places and get more information about event planning. The masterminds behind these apps are genius. Below is a screen shot of my event planning page on my cell phone with all the Apps that makes it possible for me to stay in the game.

 This is a screen shot of one of the pages on my cell phone. As you can see I have a total of 14 apps that are beyond beneficial to me throughout my days of event planning.
* The first one in the top left hand corner is the Event Planner App. This allows you to add pictures of your event, location details, add items to a check list, helps to manage not only your budget but those attending as well.
* The next is the Wedding App, which is the one I use most frequently. It is the month by month and week by week countdown to make sure all basis are covered and covered!
* The third is Wedding Complete it has a clock that countdowns for you until your big day. This App also helps to manage your budget, has a checklist and guest list, resources, seating chart, RSVP update and tons of great articles to read and you can update this information directly onto your Facebook or Twitter page if you want to share it with your friends and/or followers.
* Wedding Happy is the fourth. This App is very precise, as it will not allow you to go to the next thing on your agenda until you acknowledge that you completed it. So they really want to try and leave no room for error on your day because all bases are covered.
* If you attend LWPI (Longevity Wedding Planning Institute) you can keep up with your course work right on your phone!
* Wed DASH, is such a fun game to play. It totally challenges your organizational skills as a wedding planner with grumpy and intoxicated guests, an emotional bride, bees flying around the food, a loose dog, DJ request, you name it this games got it and is rather addictive in my downtime.
* LITE Sunrise and Sunset allows me to keep track of when the sun will rise and set for outdoor events in any location. This works well for outdoor events and events that will be illuminated with lights.
* Plan Events is the eighth App which is broken up into chapters to keep you updated on the go. This App is more so designed exclusively for the event planner itself and the coolest thing is that it comes equip with videos so you can visually see what they are talking about.....awesome!
* Can anyone planning a successful event open to the public and want to guarantee ticket sales rely on anything other then Eventbrite. I wouldn't this App will store all the events that you purchased tickets to attend and will notify you of any changes.
* TWC app (the weather channel) is a must have. Weather is so unpredictable and no matter an indoor or outdoor event its good to know what mother nature will be throwing your way, don't you agree?
* TheKnotLookBook is the next App. This is perfect for indecisive brides. They actually walk you through a check list based on your body type and personality and the type of wedding you are having and selects dresses based on that. Take this app with you to the bridal boutique to cut down on time and avoid having to repeat yourself to the bridal consultant or risk being put in something you will hate. Time is of the essence.
* EventPro is perfect for those already in the event planning business or those looking to break in, it covers those unthought of questions and answers the ones you've always wanted to know the answers to.
* Wedding Countdown is nothing more then a clock, really you don't need to have it, but it avoids going through the other menus and choices like the other apps and just displays the clock, LOL!
* The last is Wedding911 by The Knot. It covers etiquette, the ceremony and reception, fashion and beauty, getting in shape, ways to save money, bridesmaids, and honeymoon questions along with answers. And there is an area just to vent your frustrations, so not kidding it really is!

 This is just another screen shot that I took with my phone from my monthly subscription to the Wedding Elite. I thought this outdoor ceremony venue was astonishing. In closing I know that people may ask if I can get these Apps why do I need to have a wedding coordinator? To answer that quite simply because you can get a more personable feel, you also get the chance to allow someone else to do the work that needs to be done, while you relax and enjoy your day. You don't have delegate the orders someone else does that for you, so you don't get the bad guy title. There are many more reasons but that is simply put.

Any questions please let us know, as Splendid Events Project by Jeanna is here to serve.

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